The Republic of Darokin


The Great Houses


The Republic of Darokin is nearly 80 years old in its current state, preceded by kingdoms that once warred with Amsorak, Alfheim, Traladara (before it became Karameikos) and myriad orcs and other humanoids.

It is a plutocracy, governed by the wealthy who are elected by the wealthy. Commoners enjoy a good quality of life due to the pragmatism of rulers – “A well-fed people think little of revolution.” Most of its material exports are agricultural, as the combines along the Streel River produce much surplus.

Darokin is famous for its mercantilism and diplomacy. The Merchant’s Guild is the largest of its kind and holds great sway with politics and other guilds, its guild hall being the largest building in the nation. The Darokin Diplomatic Corps (DDC) is a government entity that trains diplomats and uses them in all matters, domestic and foreign, economic and political.

All manner of civilized demi-humans live here, though humans make up an 85% majority of citizens. Elves are the most common non-humans due to Alfheim’s proximity. Dwarves are relatively common where crafts and mining flourish, though many avoid larger cities for the peace of towns and villages. Hin are very rare outside of the settlements along The Five Shires’ borders – many Darokinian towns have not a single Halfling resident. Darokin welcomes all cultures and emigres for mercantile purposes: Much can be made in imports if they can generate the demand.

The pinnacle of society lies with Darokin’s merchant houses, nine of which considered “Great Houses” who hold the most wealth and political power. Mauntea is among the oldest of houses and allegedly founded the Republic. Today, in autumn of 1003 AC, Corwynn Mauntea is chancellor.

The Republic of Darokin

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