House Rules

Legendary Rolls

As used in Wil Wheaton’s setting Titansgrave, any time a player rolls Triple-6 on a skill test, the action performed will be considered legendary and tales will be told of it for years to come (requires at least one witness).

PC Enchanting (Testing and Pending Approval)

Mystara is a high-magic setting and The Fall of a Republic has a high level of magic item proliferation. The Intelligence (Enchantment) focus is made available. A mage character may enchant items, but it must be difficult or taxing enough to discourage frequent use.

Use the following conditions:

  1. Study the desired enchantment for at least 1 hour to learn its reagents and ritual. Each successive hour of study will allow knowledge of one type of item (gloves, helm, sword, etc.) that can receive the effect.
  2. Collect or purchase the item to be enchanted and reagents needed, typically including a form of oil or grease as a catalyst.
  3. Place the item to be enchanted in a vat so that it is coated or soaking in the reagents.
  4. Perform the ritual. This requires a Complex Int (Enchanting) Test, the target number depending on the enchantment desired. Each roll takes an hour and spends 5 MP, which is temporarily deducted from the PC’s max MP. The standard MP burn lasts for 1 week.
  5. When the TN is met, the item is enchanted with the desired effect. If no stunt points are generated, the effect is temporary (1 week per mage’s level). If stunt points generated equal or exceed the total MP spent, the effect is automatically 1 “tier” stronger than intended.
  6. If the mage attempts to enchant an already enchanted item, the difficulty rises. For every pre-existing enchantment on the item, 5 MP extra must be spent per hour and the test’s TN raises by 10.

Warning: An enchantment is failed if the mage’s MP runs out before completing the ritual. The mage may roll 1d6 + Wis + Int (Enchanting) to keep at least some of their max MP, though the rest is temporarily lost as normal.

Thematically, the mage’s magic points are channeled into the reagents to bind them to the item and elicit the magical effect. The item takes on a color, luminescence or texture based on the reagents used other than the oily catalyst. The item’s malleability is lessened, making it markedly more durable, but difficult to alter without rendering the enchantment inert. If the item is to be altered in any way, a mage must channel their MP into the item (5 MP/hr per effect) for as long as the alteration takes to complete to maintain the enchantment.

House Rules

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