City of Selenica


Selenica is the second-largest city in Darokin with 39,000 residents. In many ways it’s considered a second capital, mostly for its importance in trading with Ylaruam, Karameikos, Rockhome, Thyatis and even the Northern Reaches. Its people and politics are also highly independent, acknowledging its allegiance with Darokin only when convenient.

Along with its isolation from the rest of Heartland Darokin, Selenica feels unique and isolated due to its cultural mixture. The strongest culture aside from old Traldar and Hattian heritages are the Alasiyans, which feel at home with the influence of Al-Azrad House. Some neighborhoods of the city appear more like those of Ylaruam. Dwarftown is another notable example of cultural blending, containing a good many dwarven emigres working and selling their crafts in the city’s market square.

Selenica’s major industry is trade. Most production doesn’t garner much recognition, though weaponsmiths, armorers and cobblers tend to make a decent living. Otherwise, the economy runs on imports and exports, a particularly large amount of which with the Emirates of Ylaruam.


Sarah Hallonica is the mayor of Selenica.

The city’s council is currently Bertram Hallonica, Garon Hallonica, Eshram Al-Azrad, Jamila Al-Azrad, Huron Ironhammer and Brynda Leadfoot.

William Hallonica has been recently dismissed from the city council, though he is still the High Priest (Bishop) of Selenica’s Church of Darokin.

Military Presence

Selenica is the headquarters to Darokin’s 2nd Army, called the “Orc Smashers.” Its Novash is Martrice Sciata, who is taking an active role in the city as of late. Insiders of the city’s politics know that he attends all city council sessions and stays at the council chamber.

VII Legion is typically stationed in Selenica as a reserve guard, its Legionate is Julien Mathias. It has since been mobilized, a portion of its soldiers supplementing the city guard. VIII Legion has been pulled into the city as well since the mobilization and curfew took effect, Riese Manzo is its Legionate.

Nearly 2,400 trained soldiers are camped within Selenica’s borders, 200 of which actively serving as guards within the city and another 300 operating as patrols and guard posts outside the city walls.

Legions X and XXV are committing their combined 1,900 troops to securing the Altan Tepes valley; its towns, villages, mining infrastructure and the border to Yluaram. Legion IX is currently stationed at Fort Hobart to maintain a watch over the orc lands to the north. Legion XXVI, just short of 700 troops, patrols the Duke’s Road leading south from Selenica to Karameikos.

The towns leading west on Darokin Road – Nemiston, Fenhold, Alleybrooke and Dolos – are occupied mainly by mercenary companies. Novash Sciata intends to finalize his hold on the easternmost territories as quickly as possible in order to commit troops further west and dismiss the mercenaries.

City of Selenica

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