Zelod Firk

Dwarf, (former) proprietor of Glass Wolf gambling house.


Notable Items

Heartdrinker: Stiletto +1. On a successful attack, spend 3sp to activate after dealing damage; Once per round, victim must pass TN 16 Constitution test. On 1st failure, suffer 1d3 damage. On 2nd failure, suffer 1d6 damage. On each successive failure, add 1d6 to total damage roll (2d6, 3d6, etc…). Can be pulled out by a TN 12 Strength (Might) test, but TN increases by 1 after every Con test failure (blade becomes further embedded toward victim’s heart). Must succeed in disarm stunt if still being held by owner before removing.


Indebted a number of merchants, military personnel and former council members.

Recently retired after losing his right hand in combat against PC Valthurian, who ripped hand off in cougar form.

As result of Valthurian’s Legendary Roll, witnesses will tell for many years of a cougar suddenly leaping into Zelod’s den/office. Zelod will claim that the creature assaulted him and took his hand maliciously. Omits details about wager against Togene, attempt to cheat and how the cougar was a shapeshifted mage.

Zelod Firk

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