The Fall of a Republic

Session 4

The Seer

After completing their business with Selenica’s bishop, the party divides their bounty and leaves the church. Wick splits from the party, presumably to visit more with his sister, Brynda and stay at the council chamber’s guest quarters. Togene and Valthurian meet back at the Crouching Toad for a late lunch.

When finished eating, the two are approached by a young Atruaghin boy who gives them a folded note. On the paper is a hand-drawn map leading to a home in Selenica’s slums with the words “Find Me” and a crude drawing of the three party members. Without Wick present, Togene and Valthurian follow the map themselves.

At their destination, the two meet an old Atruaghin seer, seated in a misty room behind a lit brazier. She welcomes them and cryptically discusses the state of things and that they have a part to play off in the west, to Darokin’s capital. She specifically says an unlikely person will appear soon who can offer means of sanctioned travel.

The seer answers Valthurian’s questions about the magical curios he’s collected the best she can, then offers Togene a boon. With a dash of enchanted powder over the brazier in front of her, the flames burst and form into five fiery ferrets. She names them and plays a “shuffle” game with her visitors, who do better than expected.

The seer then pulls Togene’s hand close to the brazier so the ferrets can smell her. One hops onto her arm and bonds with her. The seer says the ferret is called Novu, a trickster that will help her steal from the greedy. Novu will stay bonded with Togene only if she remains in proximity with a person she is bonded with. For now, this means Valthurian, who she is nominally bonded by his intimate knowledge of her past.

The two return to the Crouching Toad before curfew begins and retire to their room. Togene confronts Valthurian about what the seer has hinted in regards to his prying of her past, receiving an apology. She then plays with Novu and tests her thieving ability by sending her down to the Inn’s common room to steal the purse off a guard, collecting 20 daros.

Valthurian has intense dreams about a childhood friend, Tethian, who once betrayed his trust. He contemplates this dream the next day and consults with the seer again. They both agree that this dream is artificially rendered. The seer also suspects that Angry Eye’s Patch may have something to do with it, as the item contains anger and vengeance which wishes to be released.

During the day Togene pays the blacksmith a visit and offers to labor for him. Valthurian studies enchanting at the Mage Quarter’s library and purchases reagents to enchant a pair of leather gloves to aid in Togene’s smithing as a peace offering.

In the evening, they return to their room to find Donnel Ierundi, a captain of Darokin’s army. He accuses them of colluding with criminal elements in the sewer, though he won’t say outright what he knows. He tells the two that he requires two pieces of dirty work to be done and he will pay them fairly for it.

That night Valthurian wears Angry Eye’s Patch to sleep and dreams the same dream, even more intensely. He tries to commune within the lucid dream, finding that everything about it wants to elicit feelings of vengeance and betrayal from Valthurian. He wakes the next morning to find his sight no longer seems hindered by the patch and that wearing it feels more comfortable.

The first task of the next day was to convince Gerald “Bullwhip” Pietro, a notable city guard sergeant and patrol administrator, to enforce larger patrols and punish curfew violators more harshly. Gerald loathed the idea of complying with the army’s occupation, but was ultimately convinced to do so with hopeful cooperation with the Resistance.

The second task was to force Zelod Firk, the proprietor of the Glass Wolf gambling house, to cancel the debts of various military personnel. Togene was trained by Valthurian on how to play cards the night before. She played a few good hands with the dealer in the common room until being invited to Zelod’s office upstairs, where she played cards against him.

With Valthurian’s ability to shapeshift, he found a vantage point to listen into the thoughts of Zelod during the game and communicate his thoughts to Togene telepathically. On the final hand, where Togene challenged Zelod to cancel the military’s debts, Zelod attempted to cheat but fumbled and dropped his hidden card onto the table. The scene escalated as he and two thugs attempted to kill Togene.

Valthurian entered the office in the form of a cougar and joined the fight. He maimed one thug and tore Zelod’s right hand off while Togene battered the other thug. Togene intimidated Zelod into surrendering and canceling the debts.

The session ended with Togene and Valthurian collecting all coins left on the office table, amounting to a small fortune of 850 daros.


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