The Fall of a Republic

Session 3

Jasper's Fall

The party follows Mikael until they meet with the Resistance in a service chamber of Selenica’s sewers. Raphael Velancia introduces himself as their leader. He imparts what limited knowledge he has on the current political climate, sharing that an envoy from Glantri had arrived in Darokin City shortly before the tyranny began.

The Resistance is in a sorry state and needs protection from the growing undead threat in the sewer. Raphael believes the party can even earn a bounty for destroying the Lich. Morden and the miners from Valima volunteer to stay and defend the poorly-armed diplomats.

Morden offers Wick his Crossbow of Trueshot, which he has named “Lucy,” for the task of defeating the Lich, but Wick feels that it’s best used to defend the Resistance and declines. Mikael secretly gives Togene a pouch of gold “for supplies,” presumably smithing materials.

On the surface, the party heads to the Crouching Toad at Raphael’s suggestion, an inn that holds an account for a Messir “D.” The inn’s keeper allows them to stay in a group guest room free of charge. Wick also meets with his sister at the council chamber, learning that his brother has been enlisted in the military and kept away from her.

From the inn, the party enters the Church of Darokin, requesting an audience with Selenica’s bishop. As they wait, Togene gets the attention of a priest who understands her. She inquires about confession, but decides against sharing anything just yet. Unbeknownst to her, Valthurian uses the spell Hear Thoughts to glimpse the nature of what she wished to confess. He learns that Togene had an altercation with a man, presumably her husband, which led to his accidental death.

Upon providing an undead hand as a trophy, the bishop grants the party an audience. He shares that he had recently learned of the Lich problem as well. The probable identity of the Lich was a childhood friend of the bishop, Jasper, who had apprenticed with two wizards until disappearing. The bishop believes that Jasper was used as an experiment and made into a Lich prematurely, which now awakens 50 years later.

The church’s coffers are not particularly large for paying bounties, but the party is offered 500 Daros to destroy the Lich. They are also given a purse of 10 Daros to hire a cleric by the name of Sanders Traenton to aid them.

The party finds Sanders’ abode and haggle for his fee, though Sanders will only accept their pay as a down payment and collect the rest from the Church. In this process, Togene takes notice of Sanders’ battle hammer, finding it reasonably well-made and with the symbol of Nyx on its head.

Accompanied by Sanders, the party finds a large chamber in the sewer with the help of Togene’s tracking. The chamber has multiple piles of corpses with zombies delivering more. With some planning, they lure a group of zombies down a passageway and pick them off at an intersection. Before they finish, approaching moans of a large horde come from the other directions of the intersection.

Retreating to the chamber, Togene and Wick attempt to dislodge a thick metal grate in the chamber’s central pit, failing. As they are above the grate, a cold glowing mist comes up at them from below. They step aside before the mist erupts from the grate and materializes into Jasper, the Lich.

The party fights a prolonged battle against Jasper and its minions, luckily kept from being overwhelmed by Sanders’ ability to control several undead and command them to block the horde that would emerge from a passage.

Jasper is eventually defeated by a Rebuke from Sanders. The Lich’s skull utters in an ancient language something to Sanders which leaves him aghast. The party collects a piece of weathered parchment from Jasper’s robes and flees from the sewer before the enduring undead horde can overwhelm them.

The session ends with the party presenting their evidence to the bishop and collecting their bounty, parting ways with Sanders.


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