The Fall of a Republic

Session 2

The Way to Selenica

Wick, Morden and “Weasel” continue west through the Altan Tepes underground with miners in tow. Nearing an exit into the plains east of Selenica, they enter a large cavern and confront Togene. After establishing their suspicions despite a language barrier, Togene ultimately asserts herself as part of the party for safety in numbers.

From the cavern’s exit into the outside world, the party hears a far-off roar toward the west. While approaching, a large copper dragon flies overhead toward the east. The party finds a squad of soldiers asleep on the ground, under the effects of the dragon’s breath attack. Valthurian is among them and woken up by Wick.

After some consulting, and learning that Valthurian can speak with Togene, the party heads to the city of Selenica, entering at the site of construction on its Southwest wall on the tip of Valthurian. They procure lodging at the Gatehouse Inn while Weasel skulks off to visit her contacts.

Before night falls, the party goes to work. Togene earns some money reforging a sword for a blacksmith, gaining a bonus for an exceptional job. Valthurian studies divining methods at the Mage Quarter library, then purchases herbs and a special curio, “Angry Eye” Margrim’s Eye Patch. After a divining ritual, Valthurian finds that the bronze dragon he sought had flown to a desert oasis, presumably within the Ylaruam Emirates to the east.

“Weasel” returns to meet the party at the Gatehouse Inn. She leads them to her contact the next day, who happens to be her uncle, Leonardo, a former member of the Darokin Diplomatic Corps (DDC). He reveals that the now-outlawed DDC has become a resistance group and Selenica’s diplomats now hide in the sewers.

After finding an unguarded manhole, the party enters the sewers, braving an unusual stench of decay. They find Mikael skulking about who offers to lead them to the Resistance.

On the way, the party finds undead who haul dead bodies to an unknown location. After slaying a zombie and following its apparent path, they enter a chamber of more undead that are led by a Lich. The Lich is taken unprepared at this juncture and retreats into the walls.

The session ends with the party having a clear path to the Resistance.


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